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Reluctance, Birth, & Rebirth

Storms were headed to Tassajara and Lauren was nine months pregnant. Through out the last months whenever we drove over the zenith of 4,000 feet on Tassajara road I would need to bring a chainsaw, a toe rope and digging bar. It would be raining in the valleys but snowy up top.

When we heard it was going to get pretty rough and we were five days away from our due date everyone thought it would be a good idea to head out. After many months of not knowing where we would birth this baby, as we wanted to do it natural and "at home", finally through our network of zen practitioners an old Zen student who lived just at the bottom of the hill from Tassajara let us stay in her guest cottage. In fact, she bought the whole property from Zen Center back in the day when lots was liquidated to help with the leaving of Richard Baker.

It was perfect, a bed room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The neighbors were great and took us right in. They made dinner for us several times and invited us ove…