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Tassajara In Sepia Tones

I've been dreaming of Tassajara in sepia tones. Last night I swam in the ocean with all my Zen Center friends. We were having fun and moving fast. Eventually I rode a wave into shore which drove me into the sand. I stood up with my back against the bottom of rocky cliff and wave after wave pounded me. I was safe, but each towering wave made my heart kick like a mule. Then I woke up.

We all go back tomorrow. My days of sleeping in and eating pastries will return to a 3:50am wake up bell and an oryoki breakfast, which I'm ready for. After 14 days of being gone I'm ready for just a bowl of rice and an audience with that cold morning star filled sky and the sound of monks in black robes rustling through the leaves on their way to meditation.

I had a very nice time out, though. Visiting New Orleans rekindled my love for that city, which is sort of my home because I came of age there. My dad has lived there since I was 12 and it's always been a foil to northeastern Pennsylva…