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Little Travelers: Military Brats and Our "Itch"

Dadio, Master Sgt. Keith, with High Speed, Low Drag Amanda, My Fellow Brat

Some think that B.R.A.T stands for British Regiment Attached Traveler. It referred to the dependents of the British armed forces, and followed them here to America.
I can tell the difference between a private first class and a lance corporal in the Marine Corps; the lance corporal has crossed rifles under his single chevron, because every Marine is a rifleman. I learned the loud way never to call the senior NCO "sir", because he is not a "fucking zero" but more like an "E", maybe an E-7, and you call him Top. I hung out in the armory and played with empty frag grenades. My father refilled empty shells in our garage. We moved quite a bit; we never kept in touch. The floor was the deck, the bathroom was the head, and my bed was the rack.

Wikipedia say I'm part of a unique subculture- Military Brats. You mean not every little boy and girl got to shoot weapons at the range (I was …