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Sit, Eat-love, Love!

For the last 6 months, I've been in practice period. More or less, that means I've worked little and sat and studied more. A typical day would look like this:

Get up at 3 am and study The Lankavatara. Make tea for the abbess at 4am. Sit zazen in the zendo until 6:30am, then chant. Temple cleaning until silent breakfast. Work on the farm until lunch, go to noon service, do bows, chant, eat. Short work period after lunch. Rest for 2 hours! Study hall at 4pm. Zazen 5pm. Dinner at 6pm. Class or zazen at 7:30 until 9pm. Sleep, and do it again.

We had one day off a week, which started when you woke up and ended with a period of zazen around  7:30. We also had sesshins, celebrated Rohatsu, celebrated Buddha's parinirvana, and some of us practiced yaza, or late night sitting, which was encouraged but not mandatory. Some of us sat for 36 hours straight during the last sesshin. To watch the sun come up and down and up again is an amazing experience, though at times frigid. But you …