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Make Them Label Your Food!

Please be advised: This man is no farmer.

He is a soothsayer. Please read his tissue of lies (not only thin, but intricately woven).

Tuesday, Nov. 6, was a great day to be a Californian. On that day a lot of my fellow Californians proved they can think for themselves, and they were not fooled. They rejected Proposition 37, a measure that would have mandated that foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — dubbed “Frankenfoods” by fear-mongering fanatics — be labeled.

The measure was misguided on many levels, as most Americans have regularly consumed GMOs in the form of soybeans and corn for many years with no associated health problems. Many doctors found the proposed legislation so disturbing that the American Medical Association took the extraordinary step of releasing a statement declaring that the labeling of foods containing GMOs is completely unnecessary. That didn’t prevent supporters of the measure from continually warning about the supposed dangers of GMOs, and thr…

In Response.

I've been feeling very quiet as of late. I'm struggling, so, to prevent the loss of limbs and mind, I'm moving slowly.

For insight to arise, tranquility and concentration must be there. It's not for me at this moment, though in these black robes, no one would know, would they?

I haven't given up; I'm just paying attention.