Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Hoe Is To Be Human

GGF Farm Crew 2013

To say something about hoeing:

attitude of completion
rhythem and pace
give the plants a little a massage
Wield the hoe as precisley as a sword
turn up the dark dirt so it looks done
stick together, stand up straight, wipe the mirror clean
be a giant helping little soldiers
it's about taking life and giving life
it's about doing it and then the next thing


  1. What a lovely bunch of coconuts!
    This came right into my email - thank you. But how did I do that?

    And also, I get a marvelous image of you doing parry and thrust with a hoe. When I think farming was just hard endless work for my Uncle August....

  2. Veggies rock...hoe away my Nephew!!!