Friday, October 12, 2012

Season's End

Yesterday morning, the bell rang. The Ino said, "We'll now have the closing ceremony for the farm and garden." I had forgotten, completely.

We shuffled out, came back in, lead by our Farm and Garden managers. We did prostrations and stood on the tan, to hear the words of our elders. They said they loved us, commended our great effort, and that's all I remember.

From top to bottom, left to right, Farm elder Emila, Tanto, Jeremy, Farmer Daniel, Farmer Emma, Farmer Kathrine, Farmer Bret, me, Garden Manager Lauren, Farmer Jeren, Gardner Lauren, Gardner Claudia, Farm Manager Sara, Farm Manager Qayyum. 

We howled like coyotes. We can harvest 100 pounds of spinach in a 1/2 hour. We can plant 15,000 little plants in a half day. And we opened our hearts for Bodhisattva seeds, spreading from elder to apprentice, from apprentice to apprentice, and now out into the world.

We also love each other like no crew I've ever been on!

Were actually all staying for practice period. It will be different, though. We'll be more silent. In ango, we'll nourish and cultivate the seeds of practice; in sesshin, maybe we'll taste the fruit.

This is the end of possibly the best 8 months of my life. I'm not sure I'll get to be on the farm crew next year. We are Green Gulchers first, and we go where we're needed. I might not come back from Tassajara, so that I can ordain in a timely fashion. I've only been working at it for...5 years!?!

We all wrote haiku's about each other. Here's the haiku Farm Elder Emila wrote about me:



I have no idea where the slow is. 

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