Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blogger Says Choose An Identity

Rather unannounced, Ariel Pork, the pigasus, disappeared, and Go Cloud, Run Water! and the farmer monk stepped forward. I'm not sure my old friends will find me; I think they'll be okay. It was time to change.

I've been blogging for about 9 years now! I started around the same time I began Zen practice, roughly in my sophomore year. For the intrepid reader, go here to see So Much For The Afterlife.

Another transformation, causes and conditions, but this Go Cloud, Run Water! is not Ariel Pork and Ariel Pork is not So Much For The Afterlife. Transformation implies too intimate a relationship, when all there is a relation between these blogs.

Go Cloud, Run Water! comes by way of a friend, Heather, who came by this phrase in a calligraphy class. Unsui, wandering zen monk, translates to "clouds and water."

My intentions for Go Cloud, Run Water! are:

1. To continue to chronicle my practice life, (my life?) through "journaling" in a transparent medium. 

2. To engage topics in a spirit of inquiry.

3. To create, find, and foster a community of discourse between Buddhist practice bloggers of all walks. 

I'd like to apologize ahead a time for missteps like: 

1. Engaging in arguments. 

2. Presenting misinformation.

3. Presenting views as solid, concrete, absolutely figured out. (See example here)

So, onward! And for good measure, a poem, by Chia Tao, that drop of water, that fluff of cloud stuff:

For A Buddhist Monk

In a tangle of mountains,
in autumn trees, a cave-
hidden within,
a magic dragon pearl.

Poplar and cassia
overlook a blue sea;
rare fragrances waft
from a stone pagoda.

A monk since youth.
you still have no white hair;
you enter upon meditation,
in a frost streaked robe.

Here there is no talk
of the world's affairs-
those matters that make
wild the hearts of men. 

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