Saturday, April 7, 2012


Wake up at 3:10 am.

Sew. Make coffee.

Sit at 4:45 am.

Sing refuges, drink hot rice drink, sleep at 9pm.

Eat rice and use the bathroom with great vitality.

This is the courage of a Zen monk.

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  1. Forza! Sending encouragement from out here in householder-land.

    "The myriad differences resolved by sitting, all doors opened.
    In this still place I follow my nature, be what it may.
    From the one hundred flowers I wander freely,
    the soaring cliff--my hall of meditation
    (with the moon emerged, my mind is motionless).
    Sitting on this frosty seat, no further dream of fame.
    The forest, the mountain follow their ancient ways,
    and through the long spring day, not even the shadow of a bird."
    -- Reizan (d. 1411)