Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Show up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, Be Open

I keep asking myself, "What is Aerial Pork? What do I want from this blog? What is this blog supposed to be?"

I'm going to try and let this blog be what is.

I'm still sitting, now living in a small zen center with two zen priests and my wife. My wife and I leave in April to sew our Zennie oats out in California. Maybe I'll ordain, maybe not- I actually have no control over when or if that happens, despite my spiritual ambition. I haven't been told no, I haven't been told yes, and I've asked, but only twice. Heard third time is the charm, but it usually takes me 2 years to approach the subject; I'm 5 years into formal practice, 9 years on a meandering path.

But hey, "Like a fool, like an idiot, practice secretly, working from within..."


  1. Love the pictures, Jordan! What's the plan for after the Corps?