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Vow and Commitment

A disciple of the Buddha does not steal, and I've heard it a few times. I took that vow, and this vow has been a threshold I've stepped over and back over the last couple of days.
This is a part of my Everything Changes, Everything's Connected, Pay Attention, program.
First, I sat in a benefits meeting at work. There was a rich man telling us we could all get rich, too. All we had to do was invest with his firm, and better yet, my school was going to match my contribution up to 5%. Someone raised their hand and asked if the company could direct our investments to green or ethical companies, so he wasn't funding genocide or ecocide, and the rich man said, no, that just wasn't a part of what his program offered.
Besides not wanting to destroy sentient beings, I feel very anti-capitalist, even green capitalism turns me off, and here was this threshold- but here was this "free money", too. I knew to enroll wouldn't sit well with me- we all draw lines somew…

Leaving Home, Staying Home

My wife, taking my Rakusu for a spin. I have from my first teacher, and the one she is wearing, which says Kogen Chikan on the back...Ancient Source, Wisdom Mirror. A lot to live up to! Deshimaru said that just wearing a rakusu, even if just for a second, changes your being. Lulu said, " It did feel kinda special, but that's about it. Made me want one."
However, in our household, when we get something new, we usually get rid of something old, and ironically, we're actually getting rid of a lot of things so that we can get two resident Zen priests for the new zendo, which she is standing in. And I really like Reb Anderson's idea that anyone who takes the precepts is a renunciate, and that is to say that we recognize that nothing is actually "ours." Leaving home or staying home, the path to liberation is still hard to map out.
Someone called Reb out and articulated what I never could. She said, "Even though you're saying that lay practit…