Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everything Changes, Everything's Connected, Pay Attention

Above, in the title, are three things my Zen teacher said are basic for Buddhists to do and understand. I'm going to carry them around a little, see where they ring true in my life.

The buddha-dharma flame has sparked again in my life, and again, here I am reading your blogs and writing mine and feeling supported. Feeling like there's a big world out there to explore.

Luckily, everyone got to miss my environmental revolutionary phase where I was so fired up after reading Derrick Jensen's End Game (both volumes). I agree with DJ and I had to ask myself this:

What do you want to do? Save the planet from being killed
Why? To stop widespread suffering
Is it possible to stop anything from dying and suffering? ...

My practice is Zen, not blowing up dams. It's to welcome affliction and meet it with loving kindness and compassion, and to recognize delusion, and I'm so glad to type that out. For awhile, that made me feel like I was copping out, letting the dominant culture destroy the world and my heart was full great conflict, but I don't think there is any copping out. If Deep Green Resistance want to dismantle petroleum culture, I'm gonna let them. And if Walmart starts selling kesas, I don't care either. I know that I can't save the planet or stop suffering, and even if I could, we have no idea what salvation looks like for each sentient being.

I'll never be completely out of the DGR camp, but nor will I be completely out of the dominant culture, or completely anything. Mostly this or less that is probably more accurate for me.

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  1. I though about writing something wise here. Good to see you posting.