Monday, December 13, 2010

My Life

I've thought about deleting this blog because I was embarrassed of some of the things I've wrote and some of the friends who can now see my mistakes whenever they want. I can delete the blog but I can't delete my life, so Ariel Pork is going to be here.

I have a strong urge to sweep things under the carpet, to keep my hair cut and to stand up straight (and never move during zazen). But I'm going to resist.

Maybe instead I'll drag everything out to the front lawn and sell stuff off a blanket, let my hair get long, while I'm hunched over a daiquiri.

Or maybe I'll do nothing but just sit with it.


  1. A practical note - you can "edit" a post and delete what you want. I haven't tried deleting a whole post.
    The good/bad thing is that no one cares that much about you or me.

  2. Except those who resonate, in which case no problem.