Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweat in Yoga, Sit in Zazen

What's the big deal?

Why all the ideas and judgements?

Why the hesitation?

After 7 years of Zen practice, why do I expect anything different?

There it is: my practice. Just sit, just stretch the backbone, head presses the sky, knees to the earth. Why is it so hard to just do?

I've tried to save my practice for some other day for too long. I reach the Zafu more often than not, but sometimes I'm dreaming of some other Zafu, in some other temple, and seeing my practice perfect in some other life.

7 years is nothing. Today is everything. This moment, even more.

If you want to attain suchness, you should practice suchness without delay.


  1. Still reading and semi-lurking. I wonder about Zen. My first introduction was through a Jesuit who practiced at Loyola. Ben Wren. He was interesting and frightening, mesmerizing and fascinating all at the same time. I understood he left the Jesuits and took a wife towards the end of his life. I learned a great deal about geography and the ancients from him as an impressionable, rather high strung Freshman.

  2. Replies
    1. What a time to write that! Here I am, 3 years later in another temple on another zafu. Thank you