Thursday, January 28, 2010

One foot after the other.

Really, really, didn't want to go to work today. Didn't feel like rushing out of my house. Felt like listening to the radio in my pajamas, drinking coffee, and reading blogs. Had a little debate with myself and then my fiance.

I wanted to argue that because I worked last Saturday, that I tutored every day until 5:30, and I hadn't seen a planning period all week, that I should get to stay home. She reminded me that I took this job. Told them I'd be there Monday through Friday. So I got my ass out of bed. Went it to organized chaos.

I tackled it. It wasn't so smooth. I looked around and I didn't accept things I knew I could change. Yelled enough.

Frustrated. Great odds, meek support. Most of my students are ready for ELA but if their math doesn't improve in 30 days, it won't matter. They'll fail their big state test. So, I told my homeroom, come Monday, their English teacher will be teaching them Math in the morning. They were okay with that. They're a tight group. They call themselves the Alpha Kings...16 eighth grade boys. Limitless potential.

I'm glad I went. No one can run my class like I can. In my third year, I can manage these kids. Give them a look that will shut them up for an hour or have them acting out Greek myths. The bond is amazing. I actually love the kids, love the teaching, but find the work load unsustainable. Or maybe I just think that. Maybe there's nothing wrong.

Anyway, it's not going to get easier. So might as well keep on pushing.

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