Saturday, September 5, 2009

Empty Pockets

All the way at the top of state, in Bastrop,Louisiana, I don't need any of my effects. No phone, no money clip (really a card clip), and no keys jingling at my side (after living at the temple, I amassed many keys to many doors, which conceal rooms I can't remember).

We drove for 7 hours to get here- a 1/2 extra for being confused and an 1 1/2 for traffic, but it was worth it. I really love driving, or as on this trip, playing navigator. This was my first trip with my I-phone, and I kept referring to the purple line we kept on. My girlfriend would ask me if I had seen a sign, and all I saw was the purple line, the purple line! Opps, we went past the purple line! And once or twice, I wanted her to slow down, because the satellite couldn't keep up with her. Poor, old, 3G.

We must have got the last cabin in Louisiana. It's very cute and comfortable, and very modern with its flat screen TV and the wireless Internet. I'm wondering why I ever stay at hotels.

The weather is much cooler this far north and less humid, too. It smells like fire wood. The porch is screened in and it's where we have spent most of our day. We had no plans but to drink coffee, read, and enjoy each other's company, but we did manage to go for a walk.

The lake here has been drained and sits empty, cracked mud and cypress, soggy in the sun. It was really neat to walk down into it! It felt like, like land of the lost, with tall green grass sprouting up here and there, big snakes crawling over logs. Saw one snake and one red fox.

It's been...over a year since I've been on a vacation, and longer if you don't count 20 day stays as a guest student at Green Gulch Zen Farm as vacations. I came here with no intentions other than to read a Stephen King novel and a book of Roald Dhal short stories. It's wonderful to have worked hard all week for this respite.

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