Friday, September 4, 2009

All Before My Morning Coffee.

Today is going to be a good day, and not even an attack will change that.

On my way into a coffee shop, a man asked me for a dollar. I him how his day was going, and I think he called me rainbow bright.

As I stood in line, he came in and started harassing customers and asked me again. I asked him if he took plastic.

As I went to sit down, I made eye contact. I make eye contact, I can't help it, and it usually leads to love or fighting. The love is worth the staring problem. As I reached my seat, he "Iffed" or fainted a blow at me. I'm glad I didn't move. At least that made me feel manly.

And I told him I'd knock him out.

He left...and I stayed, thinking he must be outside, and that I could go out there show him what's up.

Right in front of the school I teach at. Where I tell kids to stay their hands, that only their actions matter.

Well, I didn't go fight him. This is a big thing for me- invitations to violence are hard to resist. And actually, there is a superficial feeling that tells a person he needs to police the world and teach lessons.

I'm glad I didn't hit him. But I know I still need to walk past. Even if he's out there, I need to walk past and go teach my class. Even if he hits me, I need to remember my students. And that my actions count. And we're not talking about self defense, he won't kill me. My reaction is ego defense.

And besides, it's labor day weekend. Back in the day, I'd be going to a clam bake with Griffin Masonry and I'd be drunk from 12 today until Monday. Tonight, I leave to go read, cook, and love in a cabin with my girlfriend.

But really, he's lucky I hadn't had my coffee yet.

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