Friday, January 30, 2009

Does the Roshi like carrot cake?

What kind of birthday cake does a Roshi want? I made him a carrot.

Actually, I made two, double layer, 8 inch carrot cakes. The last two are baking and will be done in half an hour.

I used a kitchen aid mixer cook book. I think this is the first cake I've made from scratch.

Frustrated, I struggled to make good time. I started baking these cakes at 9pm and it's going for 1am, and I haven't made the icing. I expected to be good at baking.

My dad was a marine for 21 years and his M.O.S was cooking. He's an accomplished baker, trained at Johnson and Wales. He whips up gourmet goodies on a whim. No matter how late it is on a saturday night, he bakes his muffins for Sunday mass. I expected some of that experience to rub off on me.

Am I trying too hard to make this Sangha party successful?


  1. How'd the cakes turn out? And did the party click?

  2. Yes! We cornered our teacher and sang him happy birthday. He didn't eat the cake, but his wife did.

    He didn't have any remarks, which is just about right, so i'd say it was a success.

    The sangha had a blast, as usual. My debut as tenzo was celebrated and several members think cooking may be my unexplored passion.